Wedding in Singapore and Master Thesis

Wedding 1: Simon & Lusi
I was invited to attend wedding matrimony of my university friend, Simon, few months ago. This big guy is a PhD student in School of Design & Environment at NUS. The interesting thing is that this is the first time I would witness the “rings-exchange” in a church.
Church that I know is a place where extremely high ceiling and delicate ornaments posed themselves as historical praying spot. Altar, bench, candles, young priests, Jesus, music, bible, pillars are forming the completeness of church atmosphere. Well, the wedding was here, in Singapore. So I was entering more “modern” church with nice chairs, low ceiling, multimedia facility, aircondition, colorful rugs, piano electric, fancy audiences, classy priest and nice flowers.
It is a City Harvest Church in Jurong West area. Quite big church.
Simon and Lusi were married in front of approximately120-150 invited guests, and the priest was so entertaining. The priest spoke English very well, and told some jokes in the middle of ceremony. We were also guided to sing several holly songs. But what I did was not singing; I was so amused and what I did was filming the singing people.
Wedding 2: Kwek Tze & Pei Ling
Today I went to attend Kwek Tze’s wedding. This goodlooking guy is my lab mate. He studies in the same research group as mine. Calm and gentle-spoken guy, I’d say. He is also a violinist and pianist. He married a girl whom has been growing up with him in a church choir. The bride is a piano teacher.
I was sitting in middle row of bench. Quite old church and I didn’t see Jesus hanging on the wall. I told my friend who is an atheist: “I think the wedding will not be started soon.” He asked me why. I replied: “Jesus is not around yet”.
Kwek Tze is sitting in the first row and waiting for the bride to come. The bride was held by the father and delivered to Kwek Tze’s hand. The ceremony begins. Here it comes to bilingual marriage. Principal priest spoke Mandarin, and the young priest translated the words into English. Interesting. But I was clocking the time: it will need double duration for bilingual marriage. The songs was sang in Mandarin, so what I did was only following the rhythm. This time I experience a unique wedding ever: the wedding was held in a church with bilingual (Mandarin-English) expressions, and fortunately, the food is labeled “halal”.
Eventually I congratulate the bride and groom, and got free lunch (not free actually; I paid S$ 30 for the present I bought). If I want to attend the dinner party afterwards, as in Singapore custom, I would have to prepare S$ 80. Well, I am only a student, so I chose to join holy matrimony with less expense.

At Kwek Tze and Pei Ling’s wedding (Saturday, 4 June 2005)

Master’s thesis

Headache will spend sometime with me for the next 6 weeks. Two days ago, on regular meeting, PhD qualifying examination is no longer my next agenda. I passed my coursework exams. But I’m tired, hectic to all these research stuffs and tired of studying for exams. I want to wrap up my 2-years research in one bundle of thesis. The 9 years journey in university life will be over soon. I have been leaping from Engineering Physics for one year (ITS), 5 years in Aerospace Engineering (ITB), 1 year at Research Center ITB, and 2 years in Applied Mechanics at NUS. I think it’s time for me to follow my own will: wrap up thesis, go back home with peace of mind and M.Eng degree, start to look for a job. Eventually I realize that I am now composite and finite element guy.

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