Javanese Wedding and A Funeral

I hope I would not be considered as “wedding master” by writing this subsequent essay on wedding he he … But this wedding is different. It’s held in Surabaya, East Java. And the bride is my own cousin, Mbak Lisa. “Mbak” is used to address older sister in Javanese language. Lisa is her name. She got married on Sunday, June 19, 2005. The wedding matrimony is unique. It is held inside hospital, right in my aunty’s room, whereby she laid down in the opname scheme due to heart desease – kidney – diabetes complication. Really unfortunate. But by this way, my aunty could “attend” the wedding matrimony. At 10 AM, wedding reception is held in another place: a big hall. Definitely, my aunty couldnot come. Javanese rhythm, customs, foods, people are in the common hall. I was among the family member who wore “beskap” or Javanese male-custom. The wedding went well and it’s some kind of family reunion in there. I was so amused by this remembrance.

My Aunt passed away two days after her daughter got married. Somehow, it’s likely that we know that it will happen so we arrange the wedding in front of her: she can witness her daughter getting married. My aunty died at the age of 63, left her husband (who was an ex-Navy Seals Mariner) and one daughter. All I remember is that she is a very active woman, an educator in her highschool, music lover, food lover, kind and hillarious in all states: she is simply very lovable aunty. May God takes care of you in heaven.

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